VIDUPLO GLASS PORTUGAL is a company established in Quinta do Anjo, Palmela, District of Setúbal, PORTUGAL. We are a company of the sector of the transformation of glass, with strong innovative character.


VIDUPLO GLASS PORTUGAL observes and analyzes the technical and creative proposals of architecture and transforms them into reality. We are specialists in the production and processing of large double and triple glass (6000 x 3000) and laminated glass (6000 x 3210). In recent years, we have been able to extend our range of products and services.


You can consult us for:


  • Residential Windows (Reinforced Thermal Insulation, Solar Control, Acoustic Insulation and VIDUPLO | VIDUPLO system of Decoration through Decorative Profiles inserted in the Interior of Camâra);
  • Facades (Solar Control Solutions, Reflectors, High Performance and Selectivity);
  • Special Windows (Ultra Clear Solutions, Easy Cleaning, Anti-Bullet / Anti-Theft Protection, Fire Protection, Firewall, Privacy);
  • Guard Systems (Indoor and Outdoor Solutions);
  • Curtain Systems, Esplanades, Porches, Balconies and Marquises;
  • Stop Systems (Battle Door Solutions for Interior and Exterior Applications);
  • Running Systems (Sliding Door Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Applications);
  • Automatic, Slim, Telescopic, Pivoting, Circular and Rotary Gate Systems;
  • Mirrors (Solutions for the decoration in the Mirror Colorless, Color, Decorative, Anti-fogging and Anti-Bacterial);
  • Decorative Glassware (Matte Glass Solutions with or without core, Lacquered with several cores, and available in Laminated Glass);
  • Kitchen Glassware (Healthcare / Wallcovering, Splashback);
  • Bathroom Glassware (Solutions for baths, showers, partitions and wallcovering);
  • Glasses for Cabins Spas / public toilets (Modular solutions for Spas or WC's);
  • Glasses for Special Use (Anti-Bacterial Solutions, Graphic Printing, Screen Printing, LED, Alarm-Glass, Priva-Glass, Smart-Glass and customized solutions);
  • School Systems (LEDs);
  • Paving Systems, Paving Solutions, Colorless, Translucent, Non-slip, LED;
  • Systems for Skylights and Roofs (Customized Solutions with Active Safety, Solar Control, Acoustic Insulation, Reinforced Thermal Insulation, Privacy and with possibility of opening and closing the respective Modules);
  • Systems Over-Head Glass, Winter Gardens, Glass Canopys  (Solutions for Trade and / or Exterior Doors);
  • Glasses | Glass Table (Solutions for Decoration Tables, Offices, Furniture, Desk wraps);
  • Glasses | Glass Pool (Solutions for Swimming Pool Guards / Fences, Glasses of Depth, Transparent Side Walls);
  • Glasses | Glass Blind (Privacy Solutions through Integrated Blinds inside the Double or Triple Glass Camera, LCD technology in Laminated Glass);
  • Glasses | Glass Struktural (Solutions of construction entirely in Glass);
  • Glasses | Glass Bent (Curved Glass Solutions for indoor and outdoor applications);
  • Glasses | Glass Heat (Heating Solutions through Glass);
  • Glasses | Glass Alarm (Security Solutions through Glass with Alarm Screen);
  • Glasses | LamiGlass LED (Decorative and Lighting Solutions);
  • Glasses | LamiGlass LCD (Controlled Privacy Solutions);
  • Glasses | LamiGlass SPD (Controlled Solar Control Solutions and Domotics).

We especially support the activities of Glass, Aluminum, PVC, Metal, Wood, Construction, Interior Design and Architecture.


VIDUPLO GLASS PORTUGAL serves its main markets in Portugal and Spain, but increasingly we export to the markets of the EU and Africa, with greater incidence in the PALOP.


VIDUPLO GLASS PORTUGAL is a company certified by APCER in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and a Certified Product under the European standard EN 1279-5 by CERTIF, have strategic partnerships with the main players in the glass market, accredited to the quality level of its products.